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Amazon introduced Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, and Echo Dot Kids

Amazon introduced Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, and Echo Dot Kids

Amazon today introduced three new Echo Dot models: the standard Echo Dot, the Echo Dot with Clock, and the Echo Dot Kids. For the most part, the three models are identical.

The standard Echo Dot now has a new custom full-range driver with the highest excursion of any Echo Dot, promising clearer vocals and double the bass performance while remaining the same size.

Now that the Echo Dot has a temperature sensor, you can ask Alexa to activate your smart fan when it becomes too warm. Additionally, an accelerometer is present to support tap gestures.

The addition of mesh networking, provided by Eero, which Amazon purchased back in 2019, will be the most practical new feature. With Eero Built-in, the new Echo Dot versions essentially serve as mesh wireless extenders to enhance Wi-Fi performance throughout your home. Each unit can increase your network’s coverage by 1000 square feet.

The 4th Gen Echo and 4th Gen Echo Dot devices from Amazon will also get the Eero Built-in feature, with the former receiving it on October 20 and the latter in the following months.

With the exception of its improved high-density dot matrix display, the 5th Gen Echo Dot with Clock is similar to the basic model. When you ask Alexa for information, you can also see the time, the title or artist of the song that is now playing, the weather, a computation or unit of measurement, calendar event times, and more.

Amazon introduced Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, and Echo Dot Kids

The Owl and Dragon designs on the Echo Dot Kids set them apart from other Echo Dot models. Subscribers to Amazon Kids+ will also receive additional Alexa voices designed specifically for the two versions. You receive a two-year worry-free warranty in addition to a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. The cost of the Echo Dot is $50, while the Echo Dot with Clock and Echo Dot Kids each cost $60.

A new 2nd Gen Echo Auto model for use in your car was also unveiled by Amazon. This one is smaller in form and comes with a new sticky mount for more flexible placement. The cost of this one is $55.


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