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No Apple touch ID on iPhone anytime soon

No Apple touch ID on iPhone

[ No Apple touch ID on iPhone ] – Apple contemplated resurrecting Touch ID for its top iPhone models, but despite testing, the feature is unlikely to return to the main smartphone lineup anytime soon.

The transition from Touch ID to Face ID offers advantages and disadvantages, but people continue to favour the fingerprint reader. While support for the older system remains robust, it looks that Apple will not abandon Face ID on the iPhone in the next generations.

Mark Gurman reports in Sunday’s Bloomberg “Power On” newsletter that Apple has considered the prospect of putting Touch ID on high-end iPhones once more.

Apple also allegedly tested technologies such as on-screen Touch ID, which had previously appeared in rumors but did not make it into a final product. There is also discussion of testing Touch ID on a power button, similar to the iPad Air 4, however this did not happen.

“At this point, I believe Face ID is here to stay and Touch ID won’t be returning to flagship iPhones – at least anytime in the forseeable future,” Gurman adds.

While an iPhone 15 with Touch ID is unlikely, Gurman suggests that a power button Touch ID may be utilised on more affordable versions such as the iPhone SE.

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