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How to delete Instagram Account on iPhone 14 (iOS 16)

delete Instagram Account on iPhone 14

If you own iPhone 14 and if you are curious to know how to delete Instagram on iPhone 14, then you have landed at the right place. Although Instagram is a popular site for sharing images and videos, there are a few reasons to stop using it. Using the Instagram iOS app, follow these steps to delete an Instagram account.

Note – According to Instagram, users can re-register with the same username or add it to another account after having their account deactivated as long as no one else has already claimed it.

The process to delete Instagram Account on iPhone 14

Users must sign into their Instagram accounts for deletion requests due to security concerns.

Users might want to sign in and take a copy of their data from Instagram before cancelling their account. Users won’t have access to Instagram’s Data Download function once the account has been terminated.

  • Please open Instagram App on your iPhone 14 by tapping on the Instagram App
  • In the Instagram app, tap the profile picture in the bottom right to open the profile.
  • Select Settings by tapping the three-line menu symbol in the top right.
  • At the bottom, click Delete account after selecting Account.
  • Select Continue removing account after tapping Delete account.
  • It will ask, “Why do you want to delete [account name]? in a drop-down menu.
  • Only after selecting a motive and entering the account password a second time does the option for permanent deletion become visible.
  • Tap [username] to be deleted, then tap OK to confirm.

Instagram will permanently delete the account and any related data thirty days after receiving the request to remove the account, providing people time to change their minds. Throughout the 30-day period, other users won’t have access to your Instagram posts or any other data.

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According to Instagram, the deletion procedure could take up to 90 days to be finished. It does, however, also state that copies of the content might stay in backup storage after that. The company may also preserve the information for legal reasons, to investigate possible terms and conditions violations, or to prevent harm.

So guys this was our tutorial blog on how to delete Instagram Account on iPhone 14. If you have any queries or suggestions please write in the comments down below.

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