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How to Reset AirPods Max

How to Reset AirPods Max

Learn How to reset Airpods Max. When Apple first introduced the AirPods Max, they rapidly won the hearts of many people, including myself.
The headphones offer an amazing sound staging and high-fidelity audio quality, and they feel really expensive (better, at that price point). Additionally, it’s quite hard to outperform the ANC it provides, and it functions best if you already have a sizable investment in the Apple ecosystem of products.

A separate process is needed to reset AirPods Max as there isn’t a charging case involved. The AirPods Max must still be unpaired from your device as previously, but after that, things change.

Process to Reset AirPods Max

  • First, be careful to give the AirPods Max a brief charge to ensure that there is power.
  • Open Settings and choose your AirPods Max if they are paired and iOS 16 is installed on your iPhone. Next to the AirPods Max, tap the More symbol, which looks like a lowercase I inside of a circle. To finalise the disconnecting, tap Forget This Device two more times.
  • Open Settings, choose Bluetooth, then tap the lowercase I inside the circle next to the AirPods Max if they are plugged in and the device isn’t yet running iOS 16. To confirm, tap Forget This Device one again.
  • Locate the Digital Crown and noise control buttons and hold them down for about 15 seconds, or until the neighbouring status light flashes amber, then white.
  • Its done.

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