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Playgo T44 true wireless earphones Full Specs and Features

Playgo T44 true wireless earphones

Hello friends, today we will talk about Playgo T44 true wireless earphones. Play is a brand which has been making audio products for quite some time and it is their very first attempt at making a pair of true wireless earphones. Without wasting much time let’s dive into the details.

Playgo T44 Specs

Size and Weight
Case –  73mm x 39mm
Earbuds –  16mm x 41mm
Weight – 3.5grams for each bud

Frequency – 20Hz to 20kH
Impedance – 32Ω±10%
Driver Sensitivity – 92±3 dB
Driver – 10mm EBEL Tech Enhanced Bass Extra Loud

Capacity – 500mAh

BT version – 5.0
BT rangeupto  – 33feet
Pairing – Auto connect
Driver -10mm

Chipset –  Next Generation Mediatek Chipset
Waterproof Level – IPX4

Playgo T44 true wireless earphones Detailed Specs and features

Talking about the design, earphones looks very good, these comes with an half earphone design. At 3.5 grams each these earphones are extremely lightweight. They do fit right in the ear and won’t fall off while walking, jogging or even while running.
These earphones does comes waterproof IPX4 level which is something great.

Playgo T44 true wireless earphones comes in the capsule looking case which can be easily carried in the pockets or in your bag pack.

If we talk about the main USP that is the sound quality of playgo T44 true wireless earphones, these earphones comes with 10mm drivers and it is called as EBEL (Enhance Bass Extra Loud) Drivers. Audio from these seems to have extra bass and extra punchy which is very impressive.

These earphones offers HD call quality which means the person on the receiving end will get clear call audio and that is something great. With loaded inbuilt features like noise cancellation and echo cancellation makes it even more favourable.

In terms of battery life, playgo T44 true wireless earphonesthese sports 500mAh that offers 4 hours of continuous playback with a full charge. Earbuds can be fully charged inside the case  with an 1 hour which provides 20 hours battery life. While the case can be charged completely within 2hours USB Type-C port at the bottom.

These earphones does comes with some special features like instant pairing, as soon as the case lid is open it, these earbuds will show up on your Bluetooth devices and you can instantly connect with your device. Once these are paired with your mobile, next time you open the lid of the case they will connect automatically to that mobile. Instant pairing and auto reconnect features turns out to be very handy in day to day experience.

These earphones does supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has an amazing feature called dual mode which enables you to connect these earphones to two devices at the same time.

Playgo T44 true wireless earphones does comes with touch controls, just double tap on any of the earbuds play or pause the music, triple tap to talk to the voice assistant like Google assistant or Siri. Long press on the left earbud for previous song and long press on right earbud for next song.

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If we talk about the price, they come at a price tag of Rs. 2,999 and I truly feel all the loaded features justifies it’s price. So if you’re looking for new wireless earphones you can consider them.

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