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Every New Features of Oxygen OS11 on OnePlus you need to know

Features of Oxygen OS11

Oxygen OS11 brings lot of visual changes to the whole system it is more like one UI and lot less like stock android. The latest UI on OnePlus devices seems to be really inspired by Samsung. Without wasting much time let’s talk about the New features of Oxygen OS11.

List of New features of Oxygen OS11

1) Always on Display
Always on Display was absent on previous Oxygen OS versions and finally we have very good always on display available with the latest OS. You can select from a bunch of options that you like, there is an option called insight which is basically developed in collaboration with parsing school of design, it will basically take insights or data from your phone and show you that data in a very good way.

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2) Gallery Application
The gallery app has been changed completely, there are pages called photos, collections and the third one is explore.if we talk about the explore page it will create basically create a story or memory from your past photos with some music. This feature is available in IOS and some of the Android Smartphones. So, the overall gallery app has been changed and it looks more minimal. The design is very simple and likable.

3) Stock Apps
The stock apps has been changed from ground up. The weather App has been changed completely, it shows the data in a better way, it makes use of the beautiful AMOLED display and it just looks amazing. Dialer and message apps has also been changed, now it looks very much simple which makes it easy to use.

4) Dark Mode
Yes, now we finally get dark mode toggle in the quick settings and you can quickly turn on dark mode from there itself. Dark mode blends in better with the UI now and looks stunning. Dark mode has been very impoved on Oxygen OS11 and it works like a charm.

5) Zen Mode
There are new features added to Zen Mode, it will help you to be away from the phone be it’s 20 or 40 minutes to enjoy life. Now you can share Zen Mode with your friends too.

6) New Font
There is a new font called OnePlus Sans, this font is very good due to its good readability if you don’t like the font you can use the default font which is noto sans.

Overall Oxygen OS11 doesn’t add that many features it’s more of a design overhaul and now it is trying to be like One UI. All we can say is new Oxygen OS11 has brought design refresh and we get something new.

Please let us know in the comments how you feel about new Oxygen OS11. Please write us back if you have any queries or suggestions.

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