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GCam for Moto one fusion plus, Download and Installation

GCam for Moto one fusion plus

Moto one fusion plus comes with high specs like 6.5 inch FHD+ IPS LCD display, Snapdragon 730G SoC (India), Adreno 618 GPU, Massive 5000mAh battery with 15W fast charging. Phone does comes with rear quad camera set-up of 64+8+5+2MP and 16MP snapper at the front. The camera on Moto one fusion plus are great but it gives a very inconsistent performance and the main reason for that is the software, the software optimization isn’t on point and that’s where GCam for Moto one fusion plus comes in.

How to Download and Install Google Camera on Moto One Fusion Plus

  1. Download the GCam 7.3 (Arnova) or GCam 7 (trCam)
  2. The device will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources just allow it and install the APK

How to Install Config File for Moto One Fusion Plus GCam

  1. Download config file for Gcam (trCam).  No Config file required for GCam 7.3 (Arnova)
  2. Go to your phone’s internal storage and create a folder by the name “GCam” (If it doesn’t exist already)
  3. Inside “GCam” create another folder named
    – configs (for GCam 6.x)
    – Configs7 (for GCam 7.x)
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded config file in the configs / configs7 folder
  5. Open Google Camera App, double tap on the black area near camera shutter button. This will open the config selector. Select the config file and install it.

If we compare Images GCam on Moto one fusion plus from stock camera you will definitely notice that GCam has better dynamic range. Images from stock camera on Moto one fusion plus seems to be brighter it’s because of over exposure. The images from GCam are very natural and not much exposed besides this color looks very natural and detailed.

In terms of White balance the stock camera is very inconsistent but that’s not the case with GCam on Moto one fusion plus, the white balance is very consistent and it will give you the right white balance every time.

We all know that Google camera performs exceptionally well when it comes to low light photography. NightSight works like a charm on Google camera and the performance is way too better than night vision on Moto one fusion plus.

If we talk about selfies, the front camera performance of GCam is great. It provides better dynamic range and more details.

Unfortunately Gcam does not supports all the features right now, if you want to use macro and wide angle mode you need to another GCam Mod as this Mod from (Arnova) supports only the main 64MP Camera. If you want support for macro and ultra wide angle camera than you have to use  (TrCam) but the problem with TrCam is that nightsight isn’t working on that mod.

If you want to use macro and ultra wide range mode go for TrCam but if you love to take pictures in low light you need to go with Arnova. The choice is your as it depends on what type of pictures you live to click. We believe in the near future this problem will be solved with the update but for now you need to settle with any one of the camera.

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So guys this was our blog ‘GCam for Moto one fusion plus with download and installation details’. If you have any queries, please write in the comments down below

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