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GCam for OnePlus 8 to solve the camera issues

GCam for OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8 is an excellent phone with flagship level hardware, very good performance, 90hz refresh rate display, brilliant battery life and superb build quality. Only disappointing factor is the camera, the camera performance is downgrade in comparison to the OnePlus 8 Pro. This is where we use GCam for OnePlus 8 to solve the camera issues. Yes, you heard me right, the camera issues on OnePlus 8 can be solved by GCam and that’s what we discuss today. We will use Google Camera for OnePlus 8.

If we talk about stock camera on OnePlus 8 it keeps the images on the cooler side while the GCam keeps the images on the warmer side. Though non of the images on both the camera are perfect but the images from GCam are more true to life. So When it comes to white balance GCam on OnePlus 8 is way better.

We do get bit off colors from the stock camera while colors captured on GCam are very much natural. The green looks green on the GCam while green looks very much faded and unnatural on OnePlus 8 stock camera.

In terms of Dynamic range both the camera gives neck to neck competition. Sometimes stock stock camera is better in terms of Dynamic range and the other time GCam is better

GCam is a real winner when it come to low lighting conditions. Nightsight on GCam shines and it can click better pictures almost all the time. Nightsight on GCam does dominates Nightscape on OnePlus 8 in terms of White balance, Dynamic range, exposure, the colors and everything else.

Selfies from GCam are better from stock camera in terms of detail level and also the dynamic range.

How to Download and Install Google Camera on OnePlus 8

  1. Download the GCam from the link
  2. The device will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources just allow it and install the APK

How to Install Config File for GCam on OnePlus 8

  1. Download config file from the link
  2. Go to your phone’s internal storage and create a folder by the name “GCam” (If it doesn’t exist already)
  3. Inside “GCam” create another folder named
    – configs (for GCam 6.x)
    – Configs7 (for GCam 7.x)
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded config file in the configs / configs7 folder
  5. Open Google Camera App, double tap on the black area near camera shutter button. This will open the config selector. Select the config file and install it.

Does GCam on OnePlus 8 supports macro camera?
No this port doesn’t support macro camera, the app keeps crashing, we think it’sa bug and might be resolved with future update.

Does wide angle camera on GCam works?
Yes, the wide angle camera works perfectly.

Does GCam supports astrophotography?

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