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Google camera for OnePlus Nord, Know how to Install GCam

Google camera for OnePlus Nord

Hello guys, today we will talk about Google camera for OnePlus Nord. Installing Google camera is always like magic because it takes the camera experience to the next level and it’s a free upgrade. So you shout out to all the developers out there who put their hard work so that we can enjoy GCam for almost on all the android smartphones.
OnePlus Nord is the newest member of the OnePlus family so the Google camera available for it  does not supports ultra wide angle lens and the macro lens for the rear camera. If we talk about the front, the wide angle mode is not working. If an update comes, we will surely update our blog.

How to Download and Install Google Camera on OnePlus Nord

  1. Download the GCam from the link
  2. The device will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources just allow it and install the APK

How to Install Config File for GCam on OnePlus Nord

  1. Download config file from the link
  2. Go to your phone’s internal storage and create a folder by the name “GCam” (If it doesn’t exist already)
  3. Inside “GCam” create another folder named
    – configs (for GCam 6.x)
    – Configs7 (for GCam 7.x)
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded config file in the configs / configs7 folder
  5. Open Google Camera App, double tap on the black area near camera shutter button. This will open the config selector. Select the config file and install it.

Once the above mentioned steps are done you are ready to use Google Camera on OnePlus Nord

Answers to Some frequently asked Questions

Why We need GCam for OnePlus Nord?
GCam photos are more balanced in contrast so that’s why they retain more detail. When the contrast are high like in the case of stock camera on OnePlus nord, the detail gets lost like highlights and shadows.

How is the dynamic range performance for GCam on OnePlus Nord?
The Dynamic range is very good from the GCam on OnePlus Nord.

How is the GCam performance on OnePlus Nord in low light or in artificial lighting conditions?
GCam clicks very good photos in terms of details. GCam on OnePlus Nord capture enough light to provide very natural and pleasant photo experience.

How is the night sight performance of GCam on OnePlus Nord?
Night sight on GCam is way better as compared to nightscape mode on OnePlus Nord. It clicks better photos, better details, better white balance, better dynamic range and overall a more pleasing looking image.

Is GCam on OnePlus Nord better than stock camera?
Yes, it is clearly better, the dynamic range is excellent, colors are good and overall the image is more pleasing. The stock camera does over exposes the selfie which is not at all good.

Does GCam on OnePlus Nord supports slow motion?

Does GCam on OnePlus Nord supports panorama?

Does GCam on OnePlus Nord supports time lapse?

Read – GCam for Nokia

How much FPS is available on OnePlus Nord GCam to record 4k videos?
It comes with 60fps

Does GCam on OnePlus Nord support EIS?
No, it is not supported on this built.

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