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5 Best Free Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone 14 Pro

iOS 16 has taken the lock screen customization to some other level. There are variety of lock screen widgets that can keep you updated, and they are excellent for keeping track of important information while on the go. Furthermore, if you have always-on display enabled on your iPhone 14 Pro, these widgets can make more information available to you at a glance. Without wasting much time let’s give a look at the list of Lock Screen Widgets that you can use in your day-to-day life.

Best Free Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone 14 Pro

Best Free Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone 14 Pro

1. Carrot Weather – Lock Screen Widget

Carrot Weather is one of the best suited if you want to be updated on the weather forecasts. There are around 20 widgets in Carrot Weather that you can give a look at. You can track hourly weather and forecast information by using one of the simple widgets. Alternatively, you can use the widget that displays the current weather conditions as well as humorous remarks.

2. Snapchat

Lock screen widgets have lately been made available for Snapchat as well. Right on your lock screen, you can now create a shortcut to your friends’ chats. If you send a lot of snaps, you can add a widget to the Snap camera as well. You may also install a widget for a chat group. Thankfully, you may utilize the lock screen widgets without any restrictions since they aren’t just available to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

3. NapBot – Provides One of the best lock screen widgets for iPhone 14 pro

With an iPhone, NapBot is fantastic for tracking your sleep. Additionally, the app now supports lock screen widgets thanks to the recent update. With this, tracking your sleep is simple, and you can access recorded sleep data directly from the lock screen. Only a select few people find this widget useful, but if you are one of them, you should absolutely check it out.

4. Halide Mark II

Halide is one of the top iPhone camera apps available as far as third-party apps go. You can quickly and easily access key functions with its new widgets. You can add widgets to rapidly access the macro mode, go into auto or manual mode, or even start the app.

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5. Music Harbor

Keeping up with new music is certainly of the utmost importance to you if you enjoy listening to it. Lock screen widgets from Music Harbor will display all the most recent music releases. You won’t even need to unlock your iPhone to make sure you don’t miss any new releases from your favorite artists! Really nice, no?

So, guys, this was our blog on “Free Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone 14 Pro”. Please write in the comments down below if you are using any of these lock screen widgets. Please share your experience with us.

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