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GT2 Pro is first in line for Realme Android 13 international roadmap

Realme GT2 Pro FAQs

In China, Realme had disclosed its intentions for updating to Android 13 and the Realme UI 4.0, and now Madhav Sheth, president of Realme International, unveiled the roadmap for users worldwide.

The GT Neo 3 and the standard GT2 will join the Realme GT2 Pro before the end of the month, which is now attracting people for Early Access.

Realme Android 13 international roadmap

Sheth chose to focus solely on Android despite the fact that the new OS includes Realme UI 4.0 on top, an interface that hasn’t yet had an official launch. These times are only for the Early Access rollout; the official, stable release won’t happen until a few weeks later.

Although Realme UI 4.0 was allegedly going to launch on September 15, we haven’t heard anything about it in the previous five days. The launch is imminent, though, as certain testers and tech aficionados are already receiving the early access package. In the days to come, we anticipate learning more.


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