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[Google Camera] GCam APK for Doogee S99

Doogee S99

Doogee S99 is indeed one of the most popular device from the house of Doogee. If you own Doogee S99 and you are not satisfied with the camera performance you can try GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99. Today we will let you know how to Download and install the latest stable version of GCam APK on Doogee S99 to enjoy detailed and clear images in all lighting conditions. Enjoy modes like Astrophotography, night sight, blur lens, portrait mode, and much more. Before starting let’s sneak a peek at some of the main highlights of the device.

Doogee S99 GCam – Content

Doogee S99 Specifications in a nutshell

Doogee S99 sports a 6.3-inch FHD+ display that sits over the IPS LCD panel. The display offers 1080 x 2340 pixels resolutions providing a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 409 PPI density. Under the hood, the device is equipped with a Mediatek MT6781 Helio G96 SoC chipset coupled with an Octa-core processor, Mali-G57 MC2 GPU, and 8GB of RAM. Phone packs with 128GB of internal storage which can be further expanded.

Doogee S99 is equipped with a triple camera module at the back, a 108MP Primary camera, a 64MP night vision lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens camera. While it offers a 32MP camera module at the front. The device can take well-quality images in normal daylight conditions but if you want more enhanced photos like the one from DSLR this is where GCAM comes in as it helps to take great images with much more depth and detail.

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Doogee S99 Google Camera features

GCam APK for Doogee S99

The Google Camera feature includes Super Res Zoom, AR Emojis, Google Lens, TimeLapse, Slow-Motion, Image Stabilization, Astrophotography mode and Photosphere. It also features HDR, HDR+, HDR+ enhanced, RAW, ZSL, Flash, AR Stickers, Night Sight, and Portrait mode.

There are slight chances that some of the features may not work for the listed Mods, please feel free to use different APK Mods and try different configs files.

Below Mentioned ported GCam or Google Camera Mod APK is developed by Urnyx05.

GCam: What’s Working?

  • HDR+ Enhanced
  • Portrait Mode
  • Night Sight
  • Astrophotography Mode
  • And More (Likely Everything)

GCam What’s Not Working?

There isn’t any report about the mode that’s not working.

Download latest GCam APK on Doogee S99 | Download GCam Config Files

Download any of the following latest working GCam or Google Camera for Doogee S99.

ArnovaG82 GCam 8.6 For Doogee S99 by Arnova

MGC 8.3 Gcam For Doogee S99 by MGC

PXv8.1_GCam-v1.2 for Doogee S99 by Urnyx

Checkout Different versions of Gcam for Doogee S99

No Config files available for Doogee S99

How to install GCam APK on Doogee S99

Download Google Camera APK from the downloading link mentioned above.

After downloading, tap on the downloaded APK file, and your mobile will ask for authorization, simply enable or allow “Installation from the Unknown Sources” from the privacy settings. (You can enable it by following these steps “Settings” and then “Security/ Privacy” and then enable it. However, if you have already enabled it simply skip it to the installation.)

Once the installation is done, you can simply use the GCam APK on your smartphone

Doogee S99 GCam Config File Download and Installation

Once the GCam APK Installation of Doogee S99 is done you need to open your file manager and look for Gcam folder, if the Gcam folder is not there you need to create the GCam folder manually. Once the GCam folder is created you need to create configs folder inside the GCam folder now move the config file that you have downloaded into the config folder.

Now Open Google camera, and double tap on any black area, after double tapping you need to select the config file that you have downloaded after doing so tap on RESTORE. Once this is done the Google camera will restart and now it is ready to use.

(Note – Follow the above-mentioned steps for GCam Config File if you have downloaded GCam config files for Doogee S99)

So guys this was our blog ‘GCam for Doogee S99 with download and installation details. If you have any queries, please write in the comments down below.

FAQ for GCam on Doogee S99

Q : All features of GCam?

A : Feature includes HDR+ with dual exposure controls, Night Sight, Astrophotography, Super Res Zoom, Top Shot, Portrait, Google Lens Suggestions, and Playground

Q : Does Doogee S99 supports GCam on Android 12 and 13?

A : Yes, it does support.

Q : Does GCam supports Astrophotography mode on Doogee S99?

A : Yes, it does support.

Q : How to enable Astrophotography mode on Doogee S99 using GCam?

A : This feature is enabled by default

Q : Does GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99 supports lens blur?

A : Yes.

Q : Does Doogee S99 GCam or Google Camera supports Portrait mode?

A : Yes.

Q : Does GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99 supports Slow motion videos?

A : Yes.

Q : Does GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99 supports time lapse videos?

A : Yes.

Q : Does GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99 supports Super Res Zoom?

A : Yes.

Q : Does GCam or Google Camera on Doogee S99 supports ZSL?

A : Yes.

Q : Does GCam supports Night mode on Doogee S99?

A : Yes, it does but it is called Night sight.

Q : How’s the rear camera performance of Doogee S99 in low light using GCam?

A : The night sight on GCam can take brilliant images in low light conditions, it can handle the shadows very well, the images looks much bright and more detailed in comparison to the stock camera.

Q : Does GCam on Doogee S99 supports Macro Camera?

A : Yes, this version of GCam does support Macro camera.

Q : How’s the dynamic range on Doogee S99 using GCam?

A : Images comes out to be nicely exposed.

Q : Hows the performance of Doogee S99 using GCam when it comes to indoor conditions?

A : You will surely get many detailed images in comparison to the stock camera on Doogee S99.

Q : Can GCam on Doogee S99 resolves the issue of over-saturation?

A : Yes, it definitely does. You will get natural color with many details.

Q : How’s the quality of selfies using GCam on Doogee S99?

A : Selfie quality is very good, the images are not much saturated, and GCam preserves all the natural colors, you may find selfies a bit darker in normal daylight conditions in comparison to the stock camera.

Q : Hows is the front camera performance using GCam in low light or no light conditions?

A : GCam night sight works very well and delivers mind-boggling results, you will be surprised believe me.

Q : Is GCam for Doogee S99 stable?

A : Yes, it is very much stable. If things do not work you can always try other Mods.

Don’t forget to check all GCam for Doogee Mobiles. If you have any queries or suggestions, please write in the comments down below

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