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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Secret Codes

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 secret codes, Special or hidden codes

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Secret Codes

If you want to know Xiaomi Mi Note 10 secret codes, Special or Hidden codes you are at the right place

Follow the mentioned steps to know how to enter Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Hidden codes or Phone Codes to find out IMEI Number, to enable QC test option, to check Wi-Fi information, Phone information and much more.

Code for IMEI Number
If you are looking for Xiaomi Mi Note 10 IMEI Number you need to type *#06# in the dialer.

Code for Wifi Information
If you are looking for Wi-fi information, type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer. Tap on Wifi Information, here you can find out information about Wi-Fi API, Wi-Fi Configuration and Wi-Fi Status.

Code for Phone Information
If you are looking for Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Phone Information, type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer. Here you can find Phone information’s like IMEI Number, Phone Number, IMSI, Current Network, Signal Strength, Data Network type and much more. You also enables you to run ping Test.

Code for QC Test
If you want to open QC Test on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 just type *#*#64663#*#* in the dialer. Here you can perform hardware test for SD card test, SIM detection test, Keypad and Vibrate, Touchpanel edge, OTG, Receiver, Speaker and much more. You can also check History test results too. Besides this you can also check different sensor calibration like Gravity sensor calibration, Magnetic sensor calibration, Camera calibration and more.

Code to open FCM Diagnostics menu
Open Phone Dialer and type #*#426#*# to open FCM Diagnostics. Here you can check out events like Server Connections.