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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Factory Reset

How to do Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Factory Reset Easily

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Factory Reset

In this tutorial we will let you know how to perform Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Factory Reset to get rid of all the data, installed apps and all the customized settings?

Factory Reset will restore default as it came from the manufacturer. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will run faster like a new one

Follow the below mentioned steps to perform Factory Reset in the easiest way.

Factory Reset Method

1. Open Settings Apps
2. Scroll down till you see “About Phone”, Now tap on “”About Phone”.
3. Tap on “Backup & Reset”
4. Tap on “Erase all Data (Factory Data Reset)”
5. Tap on “Reset Phone”
6. Tap on “Next Step”
7. Finally Tap on “Ok” to confirm Factory Reset.

Your Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will take sometime to restart as it will restore it’s factory settings. Now your mobile is new as ever

General FAQ

Reasons why to Hard Reset your smartphone?

 1. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 hanging or lagging issues
2. If you are facing unexpected application crashes all the time
3. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 runs too slowly
4. If you have forgot screen lock password or pattern
5. To regain default factory settings of you smartphone
6. Need to clear all the information, data, files, linked google account before selling the smartphone