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Xiaomi Mi A3 Hard Reset, Wipe all Data

How to hard reset Xiaomi Mi A3 safely? How to wipe all data in Xiaomi Mi A3? How to delete all data in Xiaomi Mi A3?

If you want to wipe all your data, hard rest or if you want to delete all your data please follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Turn off your Xiaomi Mi A3 device using the power button
  2. After the phone gets off, now press Volume Up and Power Button together for sometime
  3. As soon as Android One logo appears release both the buttons
  4. Now push power button and press volume up button once. No command Robot image will appear on the screen.
  5. To wipe or factory reset all the data you need to use Volume buttons to select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” Press Power Key to confirm it.
  6. Select Yes using your Volume keys and Press Power button to confirm.
  7. Once the factory reset is done, you need to reboot your device,use your Volume key and select “Reboot System Now” and press power button to confirm it.

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