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Vivo Y51A Battery FAQs

Vivo Y51A

Get answers for all Vivo Y51A Battery FAQs like does Vivo Y51A support Fast charging? Does Vivo Y51A support Wireless charging? Is Reverse Wireless charging supported on Vivo Y51A? What is Vivo Y51A battery Capacity? Vivo Y51A battery type?

Vivo Y51A Battery FAQ

Q : Vivo Y51A Battery Capacity?
A : Vivo Y51A comes with battery capacity of 5000mAh.

Q : Does Vivo Y51A support Fast charging or quick charging?
A : Yes, Vivo Y51A support fast charging. 

Q : Vivo Y51A charging capacity?
A : It supports 18W fast battery charging.

Q : How much time Vivo Y51A takes to charge completely?
A : It takes around 110-120 minutes to charge the mobile completely.

Q : Does Vivo Y51A support wireless charging?
A : No, Wireless charging is not supported on Vivo Y51A.

Q : Does Vivo Y51A support Reverse wireless charging?
A : No, Reverse Wireless charging is not supported on Vivo Y51A.

Q : Is Vivo Y51A battery removable?
A : No, battery is not removable

Q : Vivo Y51A Battery type?
A : It comes with Li-Po battery type.

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