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Vivo V20 2021

Vivo V20 2021 Hard Reset, Wipe all Data safely

Vivo V20 2021

Know how to hard reset Vivo V20 2021 safely? How to wipe all data in Vivo V20 2021? How to delete all data or to do format in Vivo V20 2021?

If your mobile is getting very slow and you want your mobile to be fast as a new one you can always Hard reset it. Follow the mentioned steps if you want to know how to do Vivo V20 2021 hard reset or if you to wipe all data in the easiest way.

Hard Reset Method

1. Turn off your Vivo V20 2021 device using the power button
2. After the phone gets off, now press Volume Up button and Power Button together for around 5-6 seconds. Let go of the keys as soon as Vivo Fastboot mode appears.
3. Now select “Recovery Mode” using volume buttons and Press Power button to confirm it
4. Now select “Clear Data” by tapping on the Clear Data button
5. Now clear data page opens, Select “Clear All data” by tapping on the screen.
6. Tap on OK and enter your password.
7. After wiping up all the data, tap on Return button to go back to recovery mode.
8. Tap on “Restart” button, Tap on “OK” to restart.

General FAQ

Reasons why to Hard Reset your smartphone?

1. Vivo V20 2021 hanging or lagging issues
2. If you are facing unexpected application crashes all the time
3. Vivo V20 2021 runs too slowly
4. If you have forgot screen lock password or pattern
5. To regain default factory settings of you smartphone
6. Need to clear all the information, data, files, linked google account before selling the smartphone

Is it Safe to do a Hard Rest?

Yes, hard reset is safe to perform but you need to ensure that your mobile is fully charged or it is connected to a charger at time of performing Hard Reset on your smartphone. Ensure to take a back up of your Mobile first as all the data and system configuration of your Vivo V20 2021 will be delete and it will come to it’s factory state.

What Data is deleted or erased while performing Hard Rest?

1. All the Applications will be delete (Except the Pre-installed Applications)
2. All the Messages will be deleted
3. All the Photos and Videos in the Internal Storage will be deleted
4. All the downloaded file will be deleted
5. All the Social Media accounts will be un-linked

Things to do before doing a Hard Rest on Vivo V20 2021?

Take a Back-Up of your valuable data like Contacts, Videos, Music or any other important data in your Laptop of Desktop or Take a Back-up in the cloud using Google Drive or Amazon Drive Account. Always make sure that your mobile is charged at 80% or it is connected to a charger while performing hard Reset.


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