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Latest LG W30 Review in Detail with all pros and Cons

Latest LG W30 Review in detail

Let’s get started with Latest LG W30 Review in Detail with all pros and Cons. Our Review is based on important aspects like Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Software, audio, battery and at last our verdict.

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Design (+)

Chrome-plated sides and a brushed aluminium pattern on the back gives LG W30 a very premium look

The back is well covered by 2.5D curved plastic which is very impressive

Round curved edges makes the devices very comfortable in hands as its very easy to hold

The Power button Volume rockers are easy to easy to reach

Rear fingerprint scanner is well located and response time is quite fast

Design (-)

Device is bit thick 

Its quite sad to see that phone still comes with Micro USB port and doesn’t support USB Type-C Port

Display (+)

Phone does comes with a large 6.26 inch HD+ display. Display seems to be decent not that great

It does comes with 19:9 aspect ratio that means we get more area to watch movies or play games which is great.

Display (-)

Text does miss a a certain degree of sharpness due to HD+ display. It should have comes with FHD+ display

Camera (+)

LG W30 comes with 12MP + 13MP + 2MP sensor at the back quite capable of taking decent images in good lighting conditions.

Portrait shots or Bokeh shots are seemed to be good taking in day light conditions. Background is nicely separated from the focused object.

Main camera on LG W30 uses the Sony IMX486 sensor which is also seen on other devices like ZenFone Max Pro M2 and Redmi Note 5 Pro

Camera App comes with dedicated button to switch between the wide-angle and main sensor of the LG W30

The LG W30 does supports slow motion recording though quality is not that great.

16MP front selfie sensor can takes nice quality selfies in good lighting conditions which is quite impressive


Camera (-)

The autofocus system is sluggish. It takes considerable amount of time to lock focus which is very disappointing.

It faces shutter lag which means both hand and your subject have to stay still for a second or two after hitting the shutter button in order to avoid blur

Device do not support 4K recording which is one of the downside

Wide-angle shots have less detail and visible noise

Pictures taken in low light or at night seems to be very dark with no detailing

Phone’s night mode does not helps a lot as still there is too much noise and wea detailing

Performance (+)

It does a decent job with Android UI and regular usage

Swiping through menus or Aps is quick, and apps don’t take forever to load

The device is quite powerful to perform day to day task without any issues


Performance (-)

It does supports face Unlock features but sadly it’s slow and doesn’t work at all in the dark.

Does feel little lag when we try to switch between landscape and portrait orientation in some apps

Gaming performance is not great on this device. If we talk about PUBG Mobile it runs on lowest graphics preset by default and still the gameplay feels laggy with plenty of stutter

It doesn’t get too hot but you can surely feel the warmness after little game play


Software (+)

LG W30 runs near-stock Android 9 Pie though experience is not as great as Stock Android expereince

 It uses a swipe-able Home button to switch between apps, just like on Google Pixel phones. You can also switch to the more common three-button scheme.

LG W30 does supports Digital Wellbeing which is quite impressive

It comes with panic Button which is very impressive just press the power button of the LG W30 thrice in quick succession to call an emergency helpline (112)

Device do comes with MediaTek’s DuraSpeed option which lets you force apps to stay active in the background

Software (-)

Video-on-demand apps such as Netflix won’t be able to stream content in HD resolution or higher as LG W3 is only Widevine L3 certified

Battery (+)

It does comes with 4000mah battery which can easily survive for a day and a half with a single charge.

It does supports 10W charging capability instead of regular 5W charging capability

Battery (-)

It takes handful amount of time to charge the device it takes around 130 to 140 minutes to charge the device from 0 to 100%

Audio (+)

It comes with a Single speaker at the bottom and its quite loud

Audio (-)

The quality of the sound is below average.

The device does not supports stereo speakers or dolby atmos sound which is one of the downside

Verdict (+)

It’s a budget device with some of the redeeming qualities like nice and sturdy design, vivid display and superb battery life. It has some biggest shortcomings like very weak cameras and below than average gaming performance. 

There are other options to look around like Redmi 7s, Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 and realme u1 which comes with higher resolution displays, faster processors, and better cameras and also does falls in the same price segment.


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