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How to use Ryze Tello Bounce Mode

Ryze Tello

In Bounce mode the aircraft automatically flies up and down between 1.6 and 3.9 ft (0.5 and 1.2 m) above a flat surface. If the aircraft detects an object below it (such as your hand) it increases its altitude then continues flying up and down.

How to use Ryze Tello Bounce Mode?

  1. Press the power button once to turn the aircraft on. Launch the Tello app and
    tap to take off.
  2. Tap and then select Bounce mode. Read the information prompt and then select Start. The
    aircraft will start flying up and down.
  3. Extend your arm and place your palm 1 ft (30 cm) or more below the aircraft, keeping your palm
    open. The aircraft will increase its altitude then continue flying up and down.
  4. Tap in the Tello app any time to exit Bounce mode.

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Things to do or know before using the Ryze Tello Bounce Mode

  • Ensure there is sufficient space when using Bounce mode. Allow a radius of at least 7 ft (2 m) horizontally around the aircraft and allow at least 10 ft (3 m) above the aircraft.
  • Before using Bounce mode ensure that the Aircraft Status Indicator is periodically blinking green twice, indicating that the Vision Positioning System is available.
  • Watch out for potential obstacles in your surrounding area (especially on the rear, left, and right sides of the aircraft) and stay clear of them to avoid accidents.
  • Be prepared to take control of the aircraft by tapping in the Tello app to exit Bounce mode in case of an emergency.
  • Be extra cautious when flying in dark (< 300 lux) or bright (> 10,000 lux) environments.


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