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How to Root Vivo iQOO 10 Pro without PC or Laptop [Apps]


Hello guys, if you are looking forward to know, How to Root Vivo iQOO 10 Pro without PC or Laptop you have come to the right place. Rooting your device will essentially grants you elevated permissions. After Rooting Vivo iQOO 10 Pro, you will be able alter or replace system applications and settings, you will be able to run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions. After rooting perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user can be done easily. Besides this you will also be able to access certain “hidden” device features isn’t that great.

Vivo iQOO 10 Pro Root – Content

What is Rooting?

Rooting basically means allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access). At its most basic, “rooting” is the process by which one gains access to the administrative commands and functions of an operating system. In simple terms gives you the permission to act like the administrator of the phone – similar to running programs as administrators in Windows.

Vivo iQOO 10 Pro Specifications in a nutshell

Vivo iQOO 10 Pro sports 6.78-inch QHD+ display which sits over LTPO3 AMOLED panel. Display offers 1440 x 3200 pixels resolutions providing 20:9 aspect ratio and 518 ppi density. Under the hood device is equipped with Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Chipset, Octa-core processor, Adreno 730 GPU and up to 12GB of RAM. Phone packs with up to 512GB of internal storage which cannot be further expanded.

Vivo iQOO 10 Pro is equipped with triple camera module at the back, 50MP (Wide) primary, 14.6MP telephoto lens and 50MP Ultra-wide angle lens camera. While it offers 16MP camera module at the front. Vivo iQOO 10 Pro boots on Origin OS Ocean based on Android 12 operating system. It is well powered by 4700 mAh battery that supports 200W fast charging

Things to do before you root Vivo iQOO 10 Pro

Please follow the list of instructions and things to do before you begin to root device

  • Perform a full back-up of your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro
  • Vivo iQOO 10 Pro should be powered on
  • The bootloader of your device must be unlocked
  • Vivo iQOO 10 Pro should be charged at least 70%
  • Enable or Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  • Internet connection necessary (Wi-Fi network suggested)

How to Root Vivo iQOO 10 Pro

Best 4 Apps to Root Vivo iQOO 10 Pro without Computer

  1. KingRoot
  2. FramaRoot
  3. IRoot
  4. Vroot


  • Download KingRoot Apk
  • Install KingRoot Apk on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro
  • Click on the start button (You can see a pop message that it will start rooting soon)
  • You will see a Success Message once it is done
  • Now enjoy your newly rooted device


  • Download FramaRoot Apk and install it on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro
  • Select the Exploit from the list suitable for your device and click on root. If you are unsure of the exploit compatible with your device, check one by one. It will show you a successful message. It is the one compatible with your device
  • Vivo iQOO 10 Pro will start rooting
  • Now Select SuperSU to install it
  • It will install an app in your android phone called as SuperSU which manages all Su permissions to different root apps
  • Congratulations, your android phone is rooted successfully


  • Download the IRoot Apk on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro
  • Install it on your smartphone
  • Click on Root option
  • It will start rooting your smartphone
  • That’s it. Your phone has been rooted


  • Download VRoot Apk on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro
  • Install the Apk File
  • Tap on Start Button to start rooting process
  • After the completion of rooting you need to restart the device.  It installs some apps on your phone. You may always continue using them, or you can uninstall them at any time if you wish not to use their help

Pros and Cons of Rooting Vivo iQOO 10 Pro


  1. You can increase internal memory of the device
  2. You can overclock and underclock the CPU and GPU
  3. You can install those apps which requires phone to be rooted
  4. You can change themes and their settings as you wish, by changing the battery indicator color, boot icon, and many more


  1. It will void your warranty
  2. device may get bricked if done any mistake while rooting
  3. If anything goes wrong you can loose all your precious data and other important files
  4. Cannot upgrade your system OS to newer versions VIA OTA

How to check if Vivo iQOO 10 Pro is Rooted or Not?

You can always check, If you are not sure about the rooting as it is done properly or not on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro smartphone. You can use Root Checker App to check and confirm.

Follow the below mentioned process

  • Download the Root Checker App
  • Install it on your device
  • Open the App, if it asks for permission, grant superuser permission, if not, not problem you can continue to next step
  • If your phone is rooted properly you will get a successful message
  • If it is not rooted properly you can go for other rooting options

How to Unroot Vivo iQOO 10 Pro easily?

If you don’t want to your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro to be rooted and want it back as normal you can always do that. You can Unroot your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro smartphone with the help of SuperSU app.

  • Download SuperSU App on your Vivo iQOO 10 Pro smartphone
  • Install SuperSU App
  • Open the APP
  • Tap on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Full Unroot option
  • Now tap on Continue to continue with unroot process
  • Your phone will start unrooting
  • After Unrooting, Vivo iQOO 10 Pro will automatically restart and it will uninstall all the unwanted apps along with SuperSU.

Please check Vivo Mobile Root Tutorials for other Vivo Smartphones

Disclaimer : This tutorial is for educational purposes only, if anything bad happened to you and your device we will not be held responsible

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