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Gcam 7.1 APK for all android smartphones

Gcam 7.1 APK for android smartphones

If you are using an android smartphone and you are not happy with your camera performance don’t worry just install GCam 7.1. Yes, today we will let you know about GCam 7.1 APK that runs on most of the android smartphones. Google pixel 4 comes with Google Camera 7.1 and now you can also run the same Google camera 7.1 or GCam 7.1 on your android phones.

The GCam 7.1 APK can be installed from Google Play or you can click the link. The Gcam 7.1 APK is extracted directly from the Google Pixel 4 XL devices. This is not the Gcam mod, it is the original Pixel camera APK file extract directly from the devices. 

The GCam 7.1 APK is targeted for latest Android 10 version so it may not run on earlier Android version like 9 Pie or 8.1 Oreo. You need to download  Gcam 7.1 mod listed in the section 2.

GCam 7.1 Mod APK runs on most of the android smartphones like OnePlus 7/7Pro, Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, Realme X2,  Realme X2 pro, Nokia 8/7/6/5/3, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S10

You can try – GCam 7.1 by cstark27
You can try – GCam 7.1 by parrot043
You can try – GCam 7.1 by the_dise

Best features offered by GCam 7.1 APK and GCam 7.1 Mod APK

  1. New UI
  2. Night Sight
  3. Astrophotography
  4. Portrait mode
  5. Get up to 7x zoom
  6. Option to control auto focus and auto exposure using the slider.
  7. Press and hold the shutter button to start recording the video
  8. Get social share option, you can choose three applications from the settings
  9. Framing hints options 
  10. Record videos @30fps or @60fps
  11. Panorama, photo sphere, Slow motion , time lapse, playground and lens under more options.
  12. Show dirty lens warning, HDR+ controls, RAW+JPEG control under advanced
  13. Get maximum of 3x zoom while recording a videos.
  14. Portrait mode comes with 3.5x zoom for clicking images

(note – all the Zoom capabilities are referred for Pixel 3A it can be more or less for other android smartphones)

So guys this was our article on GCam 7.1 APK or GCam 7.1 APK Mod for all android smartphones. if you have any queries or suggestions, please write in the comments below.

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